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Are you planning an exceptional birthday party in the enchanting backdrop of KL? Look no further than Der-Mint! Our commitment lies in an of party venues , ensuring that your celebration transcends into an unforgettable and remarkable experience for all. At Der-Mint, we comprehend that each birthday celebration possesses its unique charm and warrants a setting that effortlessly aligns with your envisioned theme and ambience.  our diverse portfolio encapsulates a striking variety of venues catering to every palette.

sculpting a canvas for an indelible experience destined to weave cherished memories for years to come. Explore our remarkable listings below and let the joyous journey of party planning unfold!

Birthday Party Venues Rental Package

Birthdays are important milestones that deserve a special celebration with family and friends. Whether planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale party, selecting the right venue is critical. there are countless set package to choose from, and create an unforgettable experience for you.

Information for booking venues and package details for service's

The venue is suitable for gatherings of 40 to 60 guests.

We provide comprehensive packages that cover venue setup and attentive waitress service.

Birthday Party


>Exquisite meals paired 


Private Event


<Without exquisite meals paired

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